All Access


Get Marc to speak for free at your event

Marc’s ALL ACCESS program helps event sponsors get the most from their sponsorship investment by having him join them for exclusive events and presentations.

Partners, customers, and staff all want to feel appreciated. Exclusive events and programs are the best way to show gratitude, give credit for a job well done, or show how much a customer’s business is valued.

By working with Marc, Sponsors can also provide genuine value by offering unfettered access to the guy the Oprah Winfrey Network has called “Canada’s Marketing Superstar”.

Marc works directly with ALL ACCESS Sponsors to create special and unique experiences they can deliver to clients, staff, or any group they want to impress.

Marc job is to make the Sponsor shine. As such, he will take the time to learn the goals of the Sponsor in order to help them create the best group experience possible.


What event planners get

Marc’s goal is to create a great experience for everyone involved. When Sponsors can offer additional programs, sessions, and networking events, attendees walk away with richer experiences. Sponsors also get the opportunity to be more active event participants, leading to becoming stronger industry influencers.


What ALL ACCESS sponsors get

Sponsors are treated to a variety of personalized services and programs from Marc, ranging from custom videos to “invitation only” events. The types of programs offered can be decided based on the event and the Sponsor’s goals. Programs may include:

  • Custom introduction by Marc
  • Sponsor branded slides and hand out materials
  • Participation in an exclusive, Sponsor hosted event
  • Custom video with presentation highlights
  • Free consultation sessions by Marc
  • Meet and greet held at Sponsor’s trade show booth


Let’s get started

If you know of a company that would like to have ALL ACCESS, contact Marc or your speakers bureau. Sponsorship costs are based on options and can be suited to meet most budgets.

Some of the events Marc has participated in for other Keynote Presentation Partners

Product launches – Marc did a fifteen minute presentation prior to the launch of a new cloud based software tool. He covered the benefits of the software and what value it could offer. This was done for a group of select clients the Partner had invited. Out of a group of 30 participants, 17 of them requested personal demos from the vendor, leading to nine sales.


Contests – A business networking event Partner asked Marc to raffle off prizes over the course of an afternoon. In addition, Marc would also do a mini “interview” with the person for the event’s YouTube channel. Based on attendee surveys, the event received a higher rating than in past years.


Webinars – A custom webinar was created providing additional information from Marc’s keynote presentation. The webinar was branded for the Partner and was hosted on a landing page within the Partner’s website. There was also a special promotion offered at the end of the webinar for the Partner’s products. Afterwards, the partner reported an increase of over 300 percent in new customer enquiries.


Exclusive VIP dinners – Marc was asked to provide a small talk for an exclusive dinner hosted by the event’s association. Attendees at the dinner were event sponsors and got the opportunity to ask Marc marketing and business questions. Based on event survey’s those who attended rated the program as “excellent”.


Q&A sessions – After Marc’s keynote presentation, a special Q&A session was held. The event was sponsored by the Keynote Presentation Partner with branded signage and PowerPoint slides. The Partner moderated the session and had the opportunity to also answer questions pertaining to his products. The Partner was extremely pleased with the program saying it would have been “nearly impossible” to get that many prospective customers in one room.


Mastermind sessions – Marc was asked to be the moderator for a mastermind session. Groups of business owners were at separate tables sharing ideas and strategies. Marc would go from group to group providing insight and ideas. The program received the highest ratings of the event.


Session moderator – Following his keynote, Marc was asked to moderate a closed door (no management allowed) session of company employees. The goal was to understand their challenges and concerns, then report the findings back to management. Both the employees and management rated the session a success.


Panellist – A panel group of five experts participated in a discussion about growing you business. Marc covered the subject of marketing. As he had presented the day prior, the attendees were familiar with him. Marc was wearing the Partner’s corporate clothing. Both the partner and event organizers where very happy with the session.