Sometimes the most valuable thing a business owner can have is an answer to their question.


Sometimes the most valuable thing a business owner can have is an answer to their question.

Business Growth

For most business owners, their area of expertise lies in creating the products and services they offer. However it takes additional skills to grow a successful business. While legal, accounting, and logistics often come to mind, growth strategy is the most essential.

Truly successful organizations and entrepreneurs need someone who can provide objective opinions, unbiased feedback, and ideas backed by experience and wisdom.

How can Marc help my business?

Many businesses experience failure before they see success. So it makes sense that the fewer failures, the faster you’ll see success.

With over 20 years of consulting and marketing experience from over a dozen unique industries, Marc has seen what works and what doesn’t. Many of his clients have seen exceptional growth in less time by being able to avoid common mistakes.

Marc will help you define business goals, then create strategies to help you achieve them. His availability to you is not limited to predefined hours or phone calls. He is your resource, there for you when you need him.

Marc works both one-on-one with business owners and executives, as well as marketing and management teams. The capacity of Marc’s role and level of participation is based on the individual needs of each client.

What are the benefits?

Marc shares his knowledge and experience with the single goal of creating greater prosperity for you and your organization. Whether it be to increase sales or create disruption within your industry, having someone you can gain insights from will always be your greatest asset.

With Marc’s help, many current and past clients have identified new sales opportunities, captured greater market share, and increased customer retention.

Schedule a free, no obligation, 30 minute Idea Session with Marc. It’s your chance to ask questions, learn, and achieve greater focus in order to grow your business.

Marc delivered ideas and perspectives in ways that enlightened us and changed our views on how our clients see us. His practical advice gave us direction and focus. If you need fresh insight into how your company presents itself to your clients, you need to arrange for some face time with Marc.

Mark G. Klinkow, VP & Portfolio Manager, Foyston, Gordon & Payne Inc.

Marc is the kind of person you want and need on your team. He goes above and beyond your expectations. He is knowledgeable, reliable, and saved me on a few occasions. It’s not just about providing you with marketing advice and guidance but providing you with ways on how you can improve your business and  connecting with people that will support you in other areas of your growth. Marc is definitely someone you want to work with.

Carolyn Dickinson, Founder, SuperMom Entrepreneur

Marc’s insights and ideas have made a significant impact on my business. His understanding of how people think and what motivates them to make the kinds of decisions they do is incredible. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Marc, take it.

Cleve DeSouza, Mortgage Broker, Clevedoesmore.com

Marc did a great job of helping us refocus our marketing strategy. By asking the right questions, he helped us understand our “story” and use it as a foundation for creating a message that effectively conveyed our strengths. We believe any company from any industry can benefit from having Marc share his ideas and knowledge.

Glenda Baker, Senior Financial Planning Adviser, Durham Financial

Marc’s skills and insights into the world of marketing are nothing short of amazing. He is one of those rare people that are able to combine talent and experience in ways that deliver measurable results. He is a marketing rock star. Get in touch with this guy. Get him in your company.

Rick Moss, President and Founder, Retailwire.com