Most companies fall into one of two situations:
  1. They do not have a marketing professional on staff, leaving any marketing tasks to whomever seems most capable or has the time. In most cases, marketing campaigns are left to the last minute, go over budget, lack a clear strategy, and produce mixed results.
  2. There is a “marketing person” on staff who is given the task of updating the website, planning advertising campaigns, and preparing for the next trade show. And while this person may have great ideas and vision, they lack the experience and resources in being able to bring these ideas to life.

If you believe your company fits one of these descriptions, Marc could be the answer to getting your marketing and branding efforts back on track. You can bring him in for specific projects lasting from a couple weeks to a few months. The capacity to which Marc works with your company is based on your unique needs. In many cases, he is able to work remotely, helping keep costs to a minimum.

Marc’s primary objective is to help his clients attract new business through effective and targeted marketing programs. His role can be that of Advisor, Project Leader, or Marketing Consultant.


A brief list of Marc’s consulting work:

Brought in to work alongside the VP of Marketing for a food manufacturer. Marc’s tasks were to rebrand the entire company, provide strategic planning for attracting new business through trade shows, create online campaigns, and develop key messaging that could be integrated into collateral marketing materials. The result was the signing of multiple accounts and a measurable increase in new customer enquiries.

Worked directly with the President of a dental supply company in creating a brand identity, designing a print catalogue campaign, direct marketing program, and developing a new line of products. With Marc’s guidance, the company increased it’s sales by more than 40% each year for 10 years straight.

Provided marketing and branding services to a Canadian life insurance company. Reporting directly to the CEO, Marc provided strategic steps for the creation of a loyalty and referral program. The rebranding resulted in the sale of the company to a larger, national insurance company.

Created a top-down brand identity campaign for a real estate brokerage. The program included online marketing, direct mail, and an employee reward program. Applying Marc’s advice, the brokerage was able to position itself as a provider of unique residential and commercial properties based on customer profiles. This resulted in double digit increases of new listings.

Worked with a startup company that provides health and safety consulting services. Marc worked alongside the owner to create a brand identity, website, and developed an email marketing campaign. Marc also trained the staff on making site updates and best practices for email marketing. The result was the company being able to acquire a number of new government contracts.

Assisted the VP of Sales of a direct mail company in transitioning to a provider of email and social media management services. Tasks included rebranding, creation of an outreach program, and staff training. The change in services allowed the company to strengthen it’s position with current customers while successfully entering new markets. The result was a double digit increase in sales after 4 quarters of decline.

Marc is highly selective in the clients he works with. His criteria for selecting companies is based on chemistry and the open mindedness of management to exploring alternative and perhaps unconventional marketing strategies.

If you believe your company can benefit from having the expertise and experience that Marc brings, contact him to set up a no obligation personal phone session.