How can your organization deliver fulfilling customer experiences that increase sales and inspire loyalty?
It starts with wanting to.

Success can mean different things to different organizations. But regardless of what those definitions might be, reaching success always starts with a desire to improve. Not everyone is up to the task. It takes a lot of courage to look at your team, your policies, your processes and say “I believe we can do better”

For over 20 years, Marc has been working with courageous organizations and business owners. During that time he has helped bring businesses from rec rooms to board rooms, single locations to growing franchises, and from start-ups to market leaders.

Marc’s consulting process is based on these core beliefs:

  • Every employee must see themselves as a spokesperson for the company
  • Marketing and branding must align with the company’s offerings
  • Internal company processes should be employee inspired and customer focused
  • Every customer experience needs to be easy, convenient, and stress free
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Marc’s skills and insights into the world of customer service are nothing short of amazing. He is one of those rare people that are able to combine talent and experience in ways that deliver measurable results. He is a customer experience rock star. Get in touch with this guy. Get him in your company.

Rick Moss, President and Founder,

Ready to become a Customer Experience Champion?

Marc can help your organization become a Customer Experience Champion. This program is fully scalable and can be customized based on the unique needs of your organization.

Step 1. Let’s Chat

This is your opportunity to share your goals, ideas, concerns, and challenges. Together we make a list of objectives and definitions for success. We achieve an understanding of where you are now and gain clarity of where you want to be.

Step 2. Outside In

Marc examines your organization from a customer perspective, assessing every point of contact from personal to digital. Questions you’ll get answers to:

  • How easy is it to get information?
  • Are staff helpful?
  • How responsive is your team?
  • What’s the pleasure-pain ratio of getting a problem solved?

Step 3. Top Down

Departments, management, teams, policies, and company culture are all examined both individually and as a cohesive unit. Company focus, loyalty, and pride are measured. Champions are identified and encouraged. Weaker areas are seen as opportunities to learn and inspire.

Step 4. The Master Plan

Based on your definition of success, we create a plan that involves every person in your company. For some, this result in a paradigm shift in how they see themselves as employees. The driving force is understanding that success starts and ends with being able to deliver exceptional customer experiences every time.

Step 5. Taking Action

Marc will share strategies through presentations and workshops – while following the plan. Ideas are welcome, dialogue is encouraged. The goal is to inspire every team member to understand the value they bring and the impact they have.

Step 6. Follow Up

After a set period of time, we revisit the plan. Changes are assessed and adjustments are made. Leaders are identified and credited. Customer satisfaction scores are measured. This is the time when we celebrate victories and prepare for new opportunities.

Step 7. Never Far Away

Marc makes himself available for monthly or quarterly sessions to provide ongoing guidance and support. Some management teams have used this time as an opportunity for strategic planning. These sessions can be done remotely or in person.

Let’s make this happen

To learn more about how Marc can help your organization become a Customer Experience Champion, arrange a free 20 minute idea session.

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Marc delivered ideas and perspectives in ways that enlightened us and changed our views on how our clients see us. His practical advice gave us direction and focus. If you need fresh insight into how your company presents itself to your clients, you need to arrange for some time with Marc.

Mark G. Klinkow, VP & Portfolio Manager, Foyston, Gordon & Payne