Business owners from every industry are facing unimaginable challenges on a daily basis. Their ability to react and make decisions is essential to their survival. But with rules changing so quickly, where can they turn to for guidance?

In response to this I have created a series of five videos in order to provide some direction and advice. The content is based on my interviews with a number of professionals in the mental health, legal, and human resource fields.

To get this information out to as many business owners as possible, I am seeking your assistance. If you believe these videos can be of help to your network of members, dealers, franchisees or clients, just email me at letting me know you want to be a part of this.

I will then create a custom page for you with all five videos. I will give you a custom URL, place your organization’s logo at the top and include any additional content you would like to provide such as text, photos, or video.

There is no cost to you or your network. No emails list to join. No sharing of information. I don’t believe we should be monetizing this situation. Instead, let’s work together to help business owners to keep this country thriving.

Video 1: Marketing your business in a COVID-19 world

Your customers need to know what you will do for them and how you will make their lives easier by solving their problems. In this video, Marc will explain how to keep your customer’s attention by managing marketing messages that resonate to their rapidly changing needs.

Video 2: Adjusting your company policies in a COVID-19 world

The rules have changed. Treating your customers as you always have will no longer work. In this video, Marc will explain how to change company policies that work for both you and your customers.

Video 3: Keeping customers happy in a COVID-19 world

Customer service is now more important than ever. In this video, Marc will share with you some ideas that you can implement in your own business to keep customers happy and loyal.

Video 4: Managing your team in a COVID-19 world

Your staff will be looking to you for help and a reassurance that everything will be okay. But how can you do this when you’re not sure you can even remain open? In this video, Marc will provide some guidance on how to manage your team through the ups and downs of this current environment.

Video 5: Staying mentally healthy in a COVID-19 world

Keeping mentally healthy is key for both professional and personal wellbeing. In this video, Marc will share some ideas to keep yourself focused, strong, and safe. And being a positive influence for those around you.