The Live Experience

The Live Experience

Entertaining. Engaging. Inspiring.

Customer experience is one of the most important and in-demand topics in business today. Never before have companies appreciated how the experiences they deliver can impact their bottom line. The challenge for many is how to make it happen.

Marc Gordon, a customer experience expert and award-winning corporate speaker, uses his brand of entertainment and education to reset conventional thinking. Sharing innovative strategies gathered from years of research, his goal is to inspire and empower audience members to build customer relationships that are fulfilling, manageable, and profitable.

We could not have been more happy with Marc as our opening keynote speaker at CX Week Canada. Our audience of customer experience professionals were “totally wowed” with both his content and presentation style. He introduced new ideas in a way that was clear and entertaining. And his positive energy set the tone for the rest of the day.

Lily Zheng, CX Week Canada

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Five reasons to have Marc speak at your event

Marc doesn’t do presentations. He delivers performances, combining humour and stories with his energetic stage presence.

Every presentation is customized to your needs. Prior to the event, Marc interviews key personnel to ensure the most relevant content is covered.

The help doesn’t end when the presentation is over. Every attendee gets free access to Marc – for life! They are welcome to reach out to Marc for ideas and advice any time.

Marc will do whatever he can to help create an exceptional experience for your attendees. Need him to participate in a panel discussion? Moderate a session? Just ask.

As an accomplished speaker, Marc knows where to be and what to do. Sound checks, meeting with planners, staying on schedule – we got you.

How Marc can add value to your event

Pre-event branded video
A great way to market your event and build excitement. Marc will create custom content letting attendees know what they can look forward to.

Multiple sessions
Have Marc participate in multiple sessions such as fireside chats, breakouts, or panel groups. The best way to get full answers to important questions.

Additional content
Every attendee gets exclusive access to online content that helps them apply Marc’s ideas and processes to their own organization.

Sponsored events
Add value for your sponsors while reducing costs. Sponsors get exclusive access to Marc for custom events.

Let Marc turn the spotlight onto your event. From networking events to greeting attendees at an exhibitor’s booth, he’ll make it fun and memorable.

Marc was wonderful to work with and delivered massive value to our event. He was humble, thought provoking, and full of positive energy. He instantly connected with our audience of the country’s most successful business people. Everyone loved him, he is truly a rainmaker.

Dr. Sepehr Tarverdian, CEO, World Management Forum, Iran

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Selling Happiness

How to create customer experiences that inspire loyalty and increase sales.

Customer expectations are changing faster than ever before. Marketing, social media, technology and cultural trends are shaping people’s beliefs and values, which can often lead to a sense of entitlement. This can make it difficult for businesses to consistently deliver fulfilling experiences. And for those that try, the result is often higher transaction costs, stressed out staff, and disappointed customers.

However, there is a way to deliver experiences that are easy to manage and cost effective, while successfully building customer trust and loyalty.

During this presentation, Marc will share the secrets of what it takes to keep customers coming back. Best of all, how to do it without the effort of “wowing” every customer.

Combining the science of human behaviour and best business practices, Marc shares personal stories and real-world examples to provide you with the skills and techniques to create manageable processes that deliver rewarding customer experiences.

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  • Find out what customer experience really is how every employee can contribute
  • Learn the three traits that start every successful customer experience
  • Discover what truly drives customer loyalty (Hint: it doesn’t involve exceeding expectations)
  • Find out the single easiest way to deliver experiences that keep customer coming back
  • Learn what influences expectations, and how to use that to engage with customers more effectively


Management focused on customer acquisition and retention
Customer service managers
Business owners who want to attract new customers and keep current ones

Contrary to common belief, customers are not looking to have their expectation exceeded. What they really want is to get what they were promised in a way that is easy, convenient and stress free. In this presentation, Marc will show you the steps to making this happen.

Selling Happiness: The Live Workshop

Strategies to inspire customer loyalty, build employee morale, and reduce costs.

Ready to find out how to inspire customer loyalty and increase sales while reducing costs? Then this is a workshop you don’t want to miss.

This half-day workshop will show you how to transform your organization into a customer focused, market leader. Delivered with positive energy, real world stories, and lots of interaction, this workshop has proven to be a game changer for any industry.

The first half of the workshop explores the human aspect of what influences people and their buying habits. We cover media, culture, racism, conspiracy theories, and social trends. We also dive into how COVID 19 has impacted society and its beliefs and attitudes. This portion of the workshop has been called “the most important and relevant subject matter that people need to hear.”

The second half takes this newfound knowledge and applies it to the business world. We look at how preconceived ideas can influence customer behaviour. The ideas and lessons shared by Marc often result in a paradigm shift in how attendees do business.

Every attendee gets the opportunity to examine their own organization to see the impact of its policies and culture. This leads to that “ah-ha” moment when they discover how values and resources impact the experiences it delivers.

This workshop is designed for groups that are seeking real change and want to leave with the tools to make it happen.

The content of this workshop can be tailored to a specific industry as needed. Every attendee will leave with a deep understanding of how to deliver fulfilling experiences to each customer regardless of beliefs, values, or previous experiences.

This workshop may contain industry specific stories and examples. Ideas, concepts and industry practices are shared at the willingness of participants and are considered confidential.

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  • Find out the secret of why some customers are naturally loyal, while others seem to leave for no reason – and how you can leverage that for success
  • Discover the three influencers that determine people’s ideas and opinions of your company’s products and services
  • Learn the myth and reality of exceeding expectations – and how it can save you time and money
  • Learn the three pillars of customer experience. (It will change how you do business forever)
  • Find out the three traits that make the perfect customer experience ­– and how incredibly effective they are
  • A clear understanding of what changes need to be made within their own company in order to deliver better experiences

Discover why some customers are loyal to specific brands, while others seem to drift from one brand to another for no apparent reason. And how you can make that work for you.

Becoming a Safe Haven

How to deliver positive experiences in a world of conflicting beliefs.

Sometimes it feels like the world is getting angrier. From social media to news media, from the dinner table to the service counter, people seem to be ready for a fight. Ideas and beliefs that were once shared are now challenged. People with differing views have gone from being inspirational to adversarial.

Whether it’s employees demanding change or customers asking for fairness, many institutions that were once trusted are now seen as dishonest and self-serving.

This situation presents a unique opportunity for your organization. Because as much as people are ready to challenge an establishment, they feel is oppressive, they are even more ready to be embraced by one that makes them feel valued.

This presentation introduces strategies to creating corporate environments that make both customers and employees feel that they are recognized and appreciated.

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  • Understand how to effectively communicate – regardless of the person’s beliefs
  • How to structure departments and staff to deliver manageable and fulfilling customer experiences
  • The three essential parts of the perfect customer experience
  • Ways to keep staff motivated and inspired regardless of job or title
  • The proven technique to turn any unhappy customer into a loyal ambassador – even if they didn’t receive the outcome they hoped for



Management who oversee customer acquisition and retention
Customer service managers
Those who develop internal and external communication and service policies

Regardless of how similar or different their beliefs, your employees and customers all share the same human desire to be recognized and valued. Organizations that can do this will experience the greatest long term success.

Selling Like a Sherpa

Using value and insight to guide customers (and yourself) to success.

The sales landscape has changed. Technology has empowered customers to know more about products than the people who sell them. New distribution channels allow customers to side-step the sales process by purchasing direct. And a world-wide pandemic has reduced the need or opportunities for making in-person connections.

But what has not changed is that people and the companies they work for need help. They have questions that need answering, problems that need fixing, and most importantly, the need to be heard and understood.

Selling Like a Sherpa shows salespeople from any industry how to increase sales by going from selling to servicing. By embracing the professional qualities of Sherpas, the Nepalese people world renowned for their skills in guiding climbers to the top of Mount Everest, anyone can become a superstar salesperson.

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  • What Sherpas can teach us that can elevate any salesperson, regardless of experience or industry

  • The easiest one-step method to increasing sales while delivering greater value

  • How to provide value in a way that builds customer trust and loyalty

  • Learn ways to leverage Customer Experience into a powerful sales tool that can benefit your entire company

  • Why turning down a sale can create a customer for life – and more sales


Sales executives
Outside/Inside salespeople
Account managers

Sherpas apply several skills to ensure the wellbeing of their customers. Many of these same skills can help you provide the same for your own customers, leading to greater sales.

A very entertaining, yet powerful presentation that made us thoroughly re-examine a number of our customer service policies and procedures. I believe we will be a better company because of it.

Rafael Arroyo, Market Manager, Travelocity