As an in-demand Customer Experience Speaker, Marc delivers presentation that energizes conferences and events with laughter and valuable takeaways.

Marc’s candid style and storytelling, combined with cutting edge theories and ideas, have made him a sought after speaker throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Every presentation is customized for your industry, focusing on key objectives and providing valuable takeaways. Prior to every event, Marc interviews key personnel to find out more about objectives, challenges, your organization, and the industry.

Marc also takes his energy and passion beyond the stage. Need him to participate in a panel group, meet and greet, or a Q&A session? Just ask. Marc’s approachable style and accommodating attitude have made him a hit with both attendees and event planners.

Marc’s approachable style and commitment to creating a positive experience for every attendee regularly makes him one of highest rated speakers for every event.

Marc’s approachable style and commitment to creating a positive experience for every attendee regularly makes him one of highest rated speakers for every event.


Entertaining.Marc doesn’t do presentations. He delivers performances, combining humour and stories with his passionate stage presence.

Relevant. Every presentation is customized to your company and industry. Prior to the event, Marc interviews select personnel to ensure key points are covered and corporate objectives are reached.

Applicable. Marc shares strategies and concepts that management and staff can begin applying right away.

Accommodating. Marc will do whatever he can to help create an exceptional experience for your attendees. Need him to participate in a panel discussion? Moderate a session? Just ask.

Professional. As an accomplished speaker, Marc knows where to be and what to do. Sound checks, meeting with planners, staying on schedule… shouldn’t every speaker do these things?


Pre-event branded video. A great way to market your event and build excitement.

Multiple sessions. Have Marc participate in multiple sessions such as fireside chats, breakouts, or panel groups.

One-to-One sessions. Marc’s most popular offering gives attendees personal consulting time. This is Marc’s most requested service.

Sponsored events. Add value for your sponsors while reducing costs. Sponsors get exclusive access to Marc for custom events.

Interaction. Let Marc turn the spotlight onto your event. From networking events to greeting attendees at an exhibitor’s booth, he’ll make it fun.

Marc’s keynote presentation was a huge success! It was clear he took the time getting to know our industry and its people. His presentation ended our annual event on a high note.

Martin B. Tirado, CEO, Snow and Ice Management Association

Phenomenally excellent! Marc’s energy brought the room to life. He was the highest rated closing speakers we’ve had in over 10 years.

Sajida Jiwani , Business Manager, Ontario Home Builders Assoc.

Marc delivered massive value to our event. He was humble, thought provoking, and full of huge positive energy. Everyone loved him.

Dr. Sepehr Tarverdian, CEO, World Business Forum, Tehran

Marc’s presentation not only entertained, but gave clear steps and practical ideas. He engaged the audience, made them laugh, and had them thinking. Best of all, he stuck around to speak to anyone who had questions.

Nikki Van Dusen, Event Co-ordinator, IABC Edmonton

Marc’s energy was off the charts! He just didn’t talk to the audience, he talked with them. Everyone in the audience was locked on his every word.

Colleen Dyck, President, GORP Clean Energy Bar

One of the best speakers I have ever seen. Marc’s energy was at a 10 from beginning to end. His content was clear, informative and motivated our audience members to take action.

Christopher M. Litster, Vice President, Constant Contact

Marc’s ability to energize an audience was felt as soon as he hit the stage. The response from the group was overwhelmingly positive. Marc’s presentation was the highlight of the event.

Richard Carleton, CEO, The Canadian Securities Exchange

Marc’s knowledge of marketing is only exceeded by the positive energy he brings to the stage. He both educates and entertains a corporate audience while positively adding to the experience of any event.

Priya Patil, Head – Business Dev., Toronto Stock Exchange

To say Marc’s presentation started the day on a high note would be an understatement. Marc’s super high energy and humour kept our member’s attention from start to finish. The response we received was extremely positive.

Ken Tucker, Founder & Former CEO, DKI Canada

Awesome energy! Marc was the perfect speaker to close out our annual conference. His stories, humour and energy held the attention of every person.

Rick Martins, President, Ontario Home Builders Assoc.

Marc was absolutely fantastic. His energy and humour elevated our entire event. I would tell any event planner that having Marc as a keynote speaker would be a very wise decision.

Rosetta Springer, The Edge Business Conference

Marc was totally on from the second they announced his name. His non-stop energy had the audience laughing throughout. Every conference needs Marc Gordon on their stage.

Marc Forgette, Business Dev. Mgr., Tourism London

Marc’s presentation was super high energy. It was the perfect start to our event. His content was bang on for everyone in the audience. Marc provided clarity while keeping it fun and entertaining.

Laura Bjorna, COO, Conlin Travel

Marc’s presentation had a huge impact on us. His energy and enthusiasm made for an environment where we were learning and didn’t even know it.

Jason Mullin, Dir. of Marketing, Residence Inn Marriott

Marc’s energy held everyone’s attention throughout his presentation. The franchisees found Marc to be interactive, engaging, entertaining, and most importantly, gave practical advice they could understand and plan to use!

Leslie Wilson, Vice-President, Wee Watch

Marc captured the attention and affection of our group as soon as he started. Based on an “excellent” rating from all in attendance, it is clear to us that Marc was a key factor in the success of our event.

Janet Shang, Senior Product Manager, Bausch + Lomb

A smart, funny and very entertaining presentation. Marc’s stories and examples showed us how to focus our customer service activities in a way that brings us results we can see and measure.

Marilyn Powers, Director of Marketing, Delta Ottawa City Centre

Marc was the closing keynote presenter for our annual conference, delivered with energy and enthusiasm. The response we received from attendees was outstanding.

Ron Koslowsky, VP Manitoba Chapter, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

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Shalina Khanna, Dir. of Programming, DECA Ontario

Marc delivered an exceptionally energetic, entertaining,  and empowering talk. His content and delivery style was just what we needed, keeping the attention of over 500 people.

Judy A. Murphy, CEO, Safety Services Manitoba

Marc’s presentation was a breath of fresh air. He gave great examples, presented them in a way that was relevant and easy to understand and had the crowd engaged.

Raffi Nakhoul, Global Account Manager, Avis Budget Group

Marc’s presentation definitely contributed to the success of our event of over 500 people. Many would agree that Marc’s presentation was a highlight of the day.

Catherine Henry, Events Manager, Canada Post

Marc was amongst the top speakers and the most energetic on stage. The feedback we got was extremely positive – some said they wished more of their teams had seen Marc speak.

Marc-André Fontaine, VP Marketing, Sherweb

Marc was fantastic. His energy got the show off to a great start and his teachings on branding were invaluable to the audience. The feedback we received from attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

Margo Warren, Special Events Manager, Canadian Gift Association

Marc took the effort to understand our audience. His presentation was energetic, funny, relevant, and informative. Our audience was fully engaged and entertained. His can-do attitude comes shining through!

Sandra Eagle, Editor, Ignite Magazine

Marc’s post presentation was a huge hit with our attendees. The feedback we received was amazing with some saying it was the most valuable part of the event.

Lisa Kember, Constant Contact

Marc was a huge contributor to our customer experience forum. He was personable and his stories were real and heartfelt.  We’ve received great response on what he shared with us.

Marcy Graham, VP Canadian Sales, Mondelez International

Marc did a fantastic job of kicking off our event. His energy got our attendees excited and his practical teachings provided real value. No surprise he was rated as the top speaker of the conference.

Julian Lee, President, ChannelNEXT

Marc’s presentation rated as one of the leading sessions for our conference. Our team heard many positive accolades from the attendees of his session on how energetic, engaging and valuable his presentation was.

Nancy Tudorache, Regional Director, Canada , Global Business Travel Association

Marc has the unique ability to deliver a powerful message in a very simple and entertaining way. This would explain the packed conference room and continued conversation afterwards. Marc clearly brought his A game.

Brian Jobling, Corporate Account Manager- Canada , Air New Zealand Group

Marc was awesome! The bright spot of our event. His energy and humor invigorated the audience while sharing relevant information.

Michelle Brookes, Tech Data

Marc really knows how to get his message across in an informative and entertaining way.  His presentation was incredibly well received.

Tammy Rose, Johnson & Johnson Inc.

Marc delivered ideas and tools that our team can begin applying immediately. His enthusiastic style and practical examples kept our audience’s attention throughout his presentation.

Andrew Cimmerman, CEO , HomeLife Realty

Spellbinding! Marc was by far one of the best speakers I have ever seen. Marc owned his audience from start to finish.

Phil Metford, Managing Director , Advantage IQ

Marc’s energy, stories, and business-in-real-life lessons inspired our young leaders. The feedback we received established Marc as one of the premiere presenters of our event.

Shalina Khanna, Director of Programming, DECA Ontario

Marc opened our annual event with energy, laughter and lots of knowledge. He was engaging, and made himself available. The feedback from our affiliates was tremendously positive.

Rose Aquino-Valeriano, VP Affiliates Division , BCD Travel

Insightful, entertaining and relevant! People walked away with new ideas that they could apply immediately. Marc was an amazing keynote speaker for the CHMSE annual event.

Sandra Herriot, Canadian Hotel Marketing & Sales Executives