FAQs – Marketing


How do you charge for your services?

Marc charges one of two ways: by retainer and by the project. Retainer is recommended for consulting services. Project fees are fixed and quoted through a proposal for such things as printing, graphic design, and promotional products.

Who does the actual design and production?

Marc oversees the strategic, creative and design process for every project. He is also your contact for the duration of the project. His team of designers, copy writers, artists, PR consultants and other specialists are called upon as needed to contribute their expertise and knowledge in order to make every project a success.

How much does it cost to create a successful marketing campaign?

It’s kind of like asking how much a car is. That’s why we start with your wish list. Forget about cost, just tell us what you want, what it should look like, how it should work, and what it should accomplish. Then we do our best to give you as much of that as we can while staying within your budget.

Who owns the rights to the work you do?

Under Canadian and international copyright laws, we own the rights to all work created by us until full payment is received. At that point you own full rights to the finished product such as the logo, print materials and web site. However we retain the ownership of the native files that were created using software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This also includes all custom coding, WordPress themes and custom templates/designs for web or print. We also reserve the right to use commissioned work in our portfolio.

Our company already has a Marketing Director. So why would we need Marc’s services?

Marc and his team work as a support tool for your Marketing Director. Our job is to bring his/her ideas to life.

Do I have to commit to using Marc for all my marketing?

You are free to use Marc and his team to whatever capacity you’re comfortable with. However having a single source for all your web, print, promotions and marketing needs often results in lower costs, faster delivery, and fewer headaches. After all, we already have all the artwork, we know how to update your site, and best of all, we already know what you like.

Can I have Marc do one part of the project, then hand it off to someone else to complete?

To ensure the highest quality of work and least number of headaches (for you and us), we have a strict policy against passing preproduction files to third party service providers such as printers or sign manufacturers. However, if you had us design your logo, then you should be able to send them artwork from the working files we would have provided you.

How much work do I have to do in creating a marketing campaign?

As much or as little as you want.  While some clients like to be involved in every aspect of the marketing process, others would rather concentrate on their “real job”.

Will you work with other marketing companies or consultants?

Yes. In fact much of our work is sent to us by larger firms looking for assistance with specific projects. We also provide support services for a number of brokers and consultants looking for design and marketing services.

What guarantees do you offer?

Your approval is required at every step of the creation and production process.  This ensure that you get exactly what you want.  Our guarantee is that no work is ever completed until you are happy with it.

What if I decide to change the project or switch to a new marketing company after I have commissioned Marc to begin.

If you decide to change the specifications of the project, we will simply submit a new proposal to you. Although you will be responsible to pay for work that has already been done, plus the time invested in planning and strategizing future tasks. Use of funds pertaining to retained services are explained in our Retainer Agreement, which we would be happy to send you.

How many revisions are allowed?

Revisions are any changes, cosmetic or technical. Required revisions such as web site bug fixes, spelling errors or layout corrections are done as needed until all is working right. Elective changes are generally requested by the client and are usually the result of a “change of mind”. While we always try to allow for elective changes, sometimes additional fees may be incurred for time and resources.

Can I give you graphic work previously done by another designer for use in a new project?

Every designer has their own unique style when is come to web sites, images, logos and page layout. And while the artistic quality of the designs may be excellent,  there may be technical issues. All graphic work must meet certain industry standards, among them being format, layout, colour and resolution. Working to these standards allows for reliable results across various media.

If you provide us with previously designed images that meet industry standards, we would be more than happy to work with them. If we cannot work with them, we will let you know and present you with further options.

For work that is supplied to us as “press ready”, we cannot guarantee the finished results.

Got a question that’s not shown? Just contact us and we will be happy to answer it for you.