Portfolio-Ellipse Fitness


Website, copywriting

When Lisa Welko started Ellipse Fitness, her goal was to create a health club like no other. With small classes, unique training programs and a strong community presence, she built a chain of franchises who’s members have become loyal fans.

The problem was that her web site did not convey the company’s values, benefits or help bring in new business.

Lisa asked us to create a site that would be a sales tool for potential members and a source of practical information for current ones. She also wanted to create a portal where visitors could access all her social media activities and those of her franchises.

Working with her management and marketing team, we created a site that was both strong on style and content. The staff were trained how to update the blog, management can easily add new banners and promotions and information can be gathered through the integrated CRM form. Ellipse’s twitter feed along with each franchise’s Facebook page can also be accessed though the site.

website design by marc gordon in toronto