Portfolio-Honeymoon Suite


Photography, website, copywriting, email management

When iconic, Canadian rock band Honeymoon Suite needed to update their web presence, they called us. “Our current site didn’t work well. It couldn’t be updated and didn’t look the way we felt our band should be represented,” says guitarist Derry Grehan.

Time was of the essence. The new site needed to be up to showcase the upcoming summer season. “Give us something that looks great and works,” was the order from lead singer Johnnie D.

The result was a dynamic, mobile friendly site that showcases the band, their albums, their videos, social media activities, and tour dates. Best of all, the band can easily make updates from anywhere by themselves. “The response has been great,” says Derry. “The band loves it and the response from the fans has been extremely positive.”

website design by marc gordon in toronto