logo and branding marketing toronto
Marc and his team are proud to have been chosen to take on the marketing and promotional responsibilities of Steelcase Tires Racing Team.

Marc brings more than just 25 years of marketing experience. His understanding of the unique needs of business owners and the changing landscape of B2B and B2C companies set him apart from most other agencies.

His insight and understanding of business communication has earned him the title of “Canada’s Marketing Superstar” by the Oprah Winfrey Network and a sought out media resource for marketing related stories.

In addition, Marc is one of the few marketers that work directly with the client during the entire campaign. Team members are brought in as needed, each bringing their unique skills. This business model allows for reduced costs and maximum efficiency. Clients are never handed off to underlings or third party providers.

Marc and his team provide services for:

  • Businesses looking for a company wide rebranding
  • Product specific campaigns
  • Special projects such as trade shows or new products
  • Collateral materials such as websites or promotions

Visit the List of Services page for more information on what Marc and his team can do for your business.