Marc explains how direct mail can be used in tandem with digital marketing to attract and engage a target market. Presented in Toronto at Canada Post’s Think Inside The Box event.
In this presentation “More Than Friends”, Marc explains what motivates people to use social media as a platform for sharing and communicating. Then how companies can use this as the foundation for creating an effective social media marketing campaign.
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If you’re looking for a speaker that delivers presentations and keynotes that will rock your event, entertain your audience, and leave them feeling empowered and motivated, then you’ve come to the right place. Marc has been adding his trademark energy to events from coast to coast. Add to that his extensive marketing knowledge and desire to make your event the best it can be, and it’s no surprise he’s in such demand.

The Real Real

In an age where marketing “experts” and “gurus” are everywhere, and success is measured in likes and followers, Marc chooses instead to bring old school street cred. Having been a business owner long before social media, he has seen what works – and what doesn’t.

Marc’s belief that regardless of what media people use to share their experiences, those experiences are still impacted by customer service, marketing, and genuine feelings towards the company.

Creating exceptional customer experiences is not about tweeting or blogging. It’s about understanding how every point of contact, from an ad on a billboard to the delivery of the goods, all add up to create an emotional connection with the customer.

Energy, humour, and 25 years of marketing experience.

Marc’s trademark energy combined with his unique story telling skills, makes for a presentation that will both educate and entertain.

Every presentation is tailored for your organization, industry, and specific goals. Prior to the event, Marc will reach out to key people to gather research, ideas, and to gain a clear understanding of the expertise and culture of attendees.

Marketing and communication strategies for real world companies.

Marc believes that effective marketing starts with honesty and ends with listening. Everything in between is what creates experiences and value for the customer.

If your employees, franchisees, or members are looking to get the most out their marketing efforts and create exceptional customer experiences, then Marc is your best choice for a keynote presenter.

No Kool-Aid will ever be served.

Marc is no fan of marketing fads, social media trends, or cookie cutter campaigns. Instead, he prefers to encourage companies and individuals to communicate in a way that that is clear and in sync with both their values and those of their customers.

His belief is that if an organization’s message is easy to understand, it will be equally easy to act on – for both the customer and front line staff.