how to become a branding champion
How to Become a Branding Champion: What it takes to influence, engage and inspire.

Branding is more than just a logo, website, and business cards. A brand is your company’s reputation based on the experiences customers have with you. By sharing those experiences with others, your customers have the ability to strengthen or ruin your brand.

While marketing can play an important role in influencing your brand, it is just one piece of the puzzle. It all starts with understanding what kind of company you want to be and what values you choose to embody. Companies that embrace this concept and convey it through marketing and support it in action will have the best chance of success, regardless of market conditions or competition.

Consumers support brands they believe share the same values as them. They can see a brand as a reflection of what they are, or what they want to be. For them, it can feel like a relationship. The brand provides positive experiences, and the consumer learns to trust the brand to keep those experiences coming.

In this presentation, Marc will show you how to develop a strong brand from the inside out that turns staff into ambassadors and customers into fans. This presentation uses real world examples from relevant industries, plus lots of stories and humour.

Leave this presentation knowing:

  • The difference between selling products and creating experiences
  • Why quality and price are not motivating factors – even when customers say otherwise
  • How your story can be the foundation of a strong brand
  • Understanding your company’s values and effectively presenting them to your market
  • The role of marketing in building a brand
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how to create great customer experiences


The task of creating the perfect customer experience can be overwhelming. Businesses are being told their customers are focused on price, yet want fulfilling experiences. That they are not brand loyal, yet are devoted to companies that reflect their personal and social values. Add to that the reality of ever changing demographics, and it’s easy to see why managers are frustrated.

The fact is that all customers want the same thing regardless of demographic. The problem is that most businesses, not knowing what that is, try to create experiences that appeal to everyone, resulting in either customer disappointment or indifference.

In this presentation, Marc will explain the relationship between happy customers and loyal customers. He will show how the “under promise and over deliver” philosophy may be hurting your business. And most importantly, how to deliver the kinds of experiences your customers want, appreciate, and come back for.

This presentation is ideal for any company or industry that depends on repeat business to succeed. Companies that have applied what they learned from this program have reported a measurable increase in customer satisfaction, with lower acquisition and retention costs.

Leave this presentation knowing:

  • How exceeding customer’s expectations can kill your business
  • Why people can have different opinions about the same experience
  • The reality of how customer experiences impact loyalty
  • How to create experiences your customers truly want, appreciate, and will come back for
  • Using marketing to manage expectations and keep your customers happy
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more than friends - take your business beyond social
More Than Friends: How companies can be more successful on social media by being less social.

Has your organization seen the benefits of social media? More sales, increased awareness, viral videos, trending topics, online communities talking about how awesome your products are? For most, the answer is no.

And for the most part, it’s not their fault – or yours. Social media has been one of the most overhyped marketing tools to ever be made available to businesses. And while some companies have made the leap from social post to social consciousness, it’s usually been due to luck and timing. And even then, success has been measured in likes and views instead of dollars and cents.

So what’s the problem? Are companies not using social media properly, or is social media just more interested in photos of your lunch, funny dog videos, and Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

In this presentation, Marc will turn everything you thought you knew about tweets, likes, and followers upside down. Packaged with stories, humour, and commentary, he will dispel some of the big marketing myths surrounding social media while providing proven advice for any industry.

Leave this presentation knowing:

  • What motivates people to have online relationships with each other – and businesses
  • Why most companies mistakenly believe they are succeeding at social media
  • The answer to the question “Can companies be social?”
  • How businesses can leverage people’s desire to post reviews and share experiences
  • Find out if social media is something your business should even be doing at all
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