Imagine a presentation that energizes your conference, delivered by someone who brings energy, laughter and valuable, applicable takeaways.

Conference attendees want to be entertained. They want to laugh. Feel energized. Hear stories that get them calling the office excitedly yelling, “Stop everything! I have a new idea!”

Marc Gordon does it all every time he hits the stage. “I am there to serve both the audience and the organization. My goal is to make everyone feel motivated and entertained while helping to add something positive to the entire event,” says Marc.

Marc is one of the top requested speakers by event organizers who want to create a memorable experience for their attendees. His mix of humour, storytelling, and trademark, animated delivery has landed him on stages across North America, Europe, and the Middle East for some of the world’s most respected brands.

While Marc has been called a cross between Tony Robbins and Kevin Hart, he does not rely on his presentation style alone. “I introduce real game changing content. I share ideas and concepts that positively impact how every person in your organization interacts with customers. I just deliver it through humour and stories.”

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presentations that exceed expectations
selling happiness creating experiences that inspire loyalty and drive referrals

Under promise, over deliver. This is a common theme companies use to win the hearts and minds of their customer. The problem is it doesn’t work.

We know from studies of human behaviour that if you give more than is expected, then more becomes expected. For business, this leads to a cycle of increased transaction costs and eventually customer disappointment. And disappointed customers don’t stick around.

The solution? Understand what your customers truly want, then give it to them, delivered with ease and convenience. That creates happy customers who come back again and again.

If this sounds easy, you’re right. Yet few organizations are doing it, which presents you with an exceptional opportunity.

In this award winning presentation, Marc dispels some of the biggest customer loyalty myths while showing you what really makes customers happy. He demonstrates the fundamental steps for delivering relevant and memorable experiences that inspire customer loyalty.

Delivered with Marc’s high energy style and humour, this presentation is customized for your industry while drawing upon experiences such as buying a morning coffee, taking Uber, and going on a family vacation to Disney.

This presentation is essential for any industry that has paying customers, competition, and is dependent on repeat business.

Key Takeaways

  • Find out why customers are naturally loyal and don’t care if you WOW them.
  • Discover the three influencers that impact people’s ideas and opinions about products and companies.
  • The number one reason customers don’t come back – and how to avoid it
  • Learn how to manage expectations so your customers are always happy with what you provide.
be a branding champion how to use marketing to build interest, influence experiences and create loyalty

We are influenced by brands. From the phones we use to where we buy our coffee, brands subconsciously influence our buying decisions. More than just corporate icons, we see brands as reflections of who we are. We are loyal to the brands we have the greatest emotional connection with.

While companies use marketing to influence our opinions of brands, we use brands to influence other people’s opinions of us. We envelope ourselves in brand specific clothes, electronics, and cars in order to sway how others perceive and value us. Our choice of brands is influenced by our emotional needs.

So how can any company build a loyal following if their success is dependent on the ever changing emotions of their customers?

In this entertaining and thought-provoking presentation, Marc takes your audience on a virtual journey of brand discovery. They will learn about the synergy between marketing and branding, and how celebrities, social media, mass media and our own social circle can influence our buying decisions.

Attendees will discover how brands are built and ruined by the experiences they deliver. Importantly, they will learn how effective marketing can ensure every brand experience is a positive one.

Marc also shares key strategies to building a brand that attracts customers and keeps them coming back.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn what a brand really is and how it can impact your relationship with your customers.
  • Discover how to find your purpose so customers know why they should do business with you.
  • How to use storytelling to build your brand and capture the interest of your market.
  • How to create synergy between marketing and service to create memorable experiences customers will come back for.
  • The two types of connections your customers can have with your company and which one will keep them coming back.
more than friends how to acheive marketing success in the online world of selfies, likes and fake news

A Burger King employee, working two jobs to pay off student debt, is mocked on YouTube for taking a nap during her break.

Starbucks is publicly ridiculed on social media for a campaign to promote race relations.

A restaurant patron chooses to post their displeasure of their meal on social media instead of   asking for the manager.

What started as an online community for people to connect and share has become an environment where criticism and rage are catalysts for personal attention and approval. A place where facts and honesty have little impact on public opinion.

So, why do so many companies continue to share photos, videos, and ideas? Maybe they feel they have to. With a worldwide reach of over 2 billion people, social media has become the go-to channel for companies of every industry.

But who is listening? With organic reach near zero, combined with the likelihood of a negative backlash, is it even worth it for a company to post anything?

Marc’s presentation pulls back the curtain. He exposes what motivates people to share and react. Attendees will learn how to create social media strategies that attract attention while protecting their brand.

Sharing insights and real-world examples, Marc provides clarity and focus on how people interact on social media and its effect on society. Then, how companies can ethically leverage that to create positive online experiences that build their brand.

Key Takeaways

  • How to turn customers into social media advocates for your brand.
  • How to become part of the conversation by understanding what motivates people to share experiences with each other.
  • How you can create realistic social media marketing goals so you can identify success.
  • Why measuring social media ROI could be ruining your business
  • How to manage your company’s social media “personality”
  • How to know if social media is the right marketing tool for your business… and when it’s time to focus your marketing energy elsewhere