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Since 2012, Marc Gordon’s “Vacation Sessions” have inspired, educated, and helped over 600 business people from five countries and dozens of industries.

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A big THANK YOU to Marc. He caught on with light speed the issues and pains I was facing. I’ve never seen anything like it. I wanna kiss his brain, as one of my coworkers used to say. I would work and listen to him anytime. Thank you for listening and for providing crucial insights.

Adrian Marquez, Toronto ON

The best call I ever made. 30 minutes talking to Marc resulted in more business growth than from working with 2 coaches. He asked me questions to learn my business, then gave me ideas that I could start applying immediately. Thank you Marc for your time and advice!

Sandra Humphrys, Sarasota, Florida

Any business owner would do well to spend thirty minutes with Marc. His perspectives on marketing and customer relationships are nothing short of enlightening. And his knowledge of various industries and disciplines make him an invaluable resource.

Greg Brown, Vancouver, BC

You have to take advantage of this. I learned so much. 30 minutes was not enough! I learned more in one conversation with Marc than from three years on my own. He knows so many things about business and marketing. No matter what industry you are in, he will help you.

Yael Shahar, Tel Aviv, Israel