How to avoid sending angry emails

Ever regretted sending an angry email? Unlike writing a letter, placing it in an envelope and walking to the mail box, the “send” button gives few opportunities to let cooler heads prevail. Here’s five tips to help you avoid sending out an email that can ruin even the strongest relationships.

  1. Know your objective. Are you writing to change someone’s mind, get better service, or just to vent? Focus on the purpose of your email and what the desired outcome should be.
  2. Use a word processor to write your email. This will add that important extra step that could keep you from sending it too soon. It can also correct spelling and grammar errors.
  3. Don’t write when you’re emotional. Go for a walk, make dinner, do anything to clear your mind. This will allow you to focus and organize your thoughts.
  4. Have someone else read it. Send it to a trusted friend or colleague for their opinion. Let them be the one to call you a raving lunatic.
  5. Choose another method of communication. Subtly, sarcasm and humour can often get misinterpreted in writing. Sometimes picking up the phone or arranging a personal meeting can be the most efficient and effective way to resolve issues.

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