A podcast guest with lots to say and even more to share.

Marc understands and appreciates the unique style of different podcast hosts. Some want light conversations that are entertaining and full of stories. Others want to conduct interviews that explore concepts and ideas. And some are happy to let the conversation go in any direction.

Regardless of your style and format, Marc is ready to share experiences, offer new perspectives, and provide real advice.

Marc’s areas of expertise are:

  • Customer experience
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Entrepreneurship

Contact Marc to enquire about him being a guest on your podcast or web show.

Marc was incredibly easy to work with. He knew what we needed from him and he made it happen, delivered with an energetic style that kept your attention. Marc’s extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry and customer service made him a relevant and valued resource for our community of over 1.3 million restaurant & hospitality professionals.

Paul Barron, Founder, Foodable Network

Marc did an awesome job of sharing his energy and industry knowledge with the Bar Hacks audience. His ideas about marketing and customer service are exactly what restaurant and bar owners need to hear. He brought a ton of valuable insights and I’m thrilled to have had him on the show.

Doug Radkey, CEO, Bar Hacks