Event Planner Resources

Event Planner Resources

Resources for Marc’s Live Presentations

Thanks for your interest in having Marc contribute to the success of your event.
To make thing as easy as possible for you, all relevant event planner resources have been assembled on this page.

download kit


If you would like to have Marc speak at your next event or have any questions regarding his presentations, please contact him through the Contact page. A 50% deposit and signed agreement will secure your date. The balance of your investment would be due at least 10 business days prior to the presentation.


For events within a reasonable driving distance from Toronto, Marc will drive to the presentation himself. For locations beyond driving range, transportation and lodging arrangements will be made.

  • Marc’s speaking fees include all meals, ground transportation, and parking*
  • Marc will make travel arrangements himself with airfare being added to the invoice prior to the event*
  • Air travel is booked from Pearson International Airport or Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport unless otherwise specified
  • Flights over 4 hours may be booked on an upgraded class
  • Hotel accommodation to be booked by the event organizers
  • Overnight accommodations may be required based on travel time, presentation schedule, or weather and are decided on a per situation basis

For out of town events, Marc will typically arrive the day before the event to meet with organizers, the AV team, and survey the facility. Depending on the time of the presentation, a second night may also be required.

*When booked outside of a bureau. Some conditions apply.

Room Setup and AV Specs

In order to put on the very best presentation possible, Marc asks for the following items to be provided:


  • A well lit stage area
  • A small table on stage with a bottle of water


  • A wireless lavaliere or headset microphone
  • LCD projector set for 16:9 with HDMI connection cables
  • Projector must be wired to support audio from laptop
  • Projection screen large enough to be seen by the audience
  • A comfort monitor facing the stage or ability to use Marc’s personal laptop
  • A wireless remote for controlling presentation slides
  • If AV is managed by a third party company on site, the presentation file will be provided as an Apple Keynote file. If needed, a MacBook can be supplied by Marc to run the presentation from.
  • No wi-fi required

By default, Marc will bring his presentation on a Mac laptop with a slide remote unless instructed otherwise. All presentation slides are done with Keynote. If you would prefer the slides be loaded from your own computer or that of the AV team, please let Marc know.
Access to the AV team prior to the event is strongly encouraged to ensure the best setup.
Access to the stage and AV team for a sound check
prior to the presentation is required.

An intro audio mp3 file is also provided. This can be played by the AV technician or embedded into the Keynote file.

Depending on the time and location of the event, Marc may need to change into presentation attire. Please ensure there is a private room available for this.


For some presentations, handouts that contain key points or used as accompanying work sheets may be provided to attendees. These are co-branded for your event. Based on the type of presentation and event, handouts may be printed by Marc, provided to you as a file allowing you print them, or made available for download before or after the event. Any printing costs are invoiced separately.

Podium Introductions

Saying something nice about someone you hardly know can be a tough job. So Marc did it for you. It is an editable Word file, so you can easily add more nice things should you feel inclined.

download speaker intro

This is your event and Marc wants it to be the best. If there’s something he can do to help make it extra special, please let him know and he will do his best to make it happen.


Use these photos to help promote your next event. Each photo is high res with no background, making them useful for both web and print.


Marc opened our annual event with energy, laughter and lots of knowledge. He got our group going right from the start. He was engaging, approachable and made himself available for our breakout sessions. The feedback from our affiliates was tremendously positive.

Rose Aquino-Valeriano, VP Affiliates Division, BCDTravel