Five “Feminine” Traits We Should All Adopt

It’s well known than most female CEO’s and executives manage with a different style than men. And in many cases this leads to work environments with higher productivity, less stress, and greater employee loyalty. So perhaps now is a good time for everyone (male and female) to stop trying to play it tough and embrace some traditionally “feminine” traits.

  1. Patience. Accept that things will happen when they should, as they should. This will help reduce a lot of stress for both you and those you work with.
  2. Encouragement. Some believe that getting paid and keeping your job is encouragement enough. But the fact is that positive feedback and recognition for a job well done can go far in getting people to continually strive to do better.
  3. Humility. Accepting your own strengths and weaknesses allows you to surround yourself with those who are experts in their fields without feeling threatened. And this in turn helps you focus and refine your own skills.
  4. Being Organized. This is a skill that can be easily taught and mastered. Organizational skills are a crucial part of increasing productivity without the need for additional resources.
  5. Communicating. Keeping quiet doesn’t solve problems or get results. Create an environment where you and your team can share ideas and concerns without facing judgment or criticism.

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