Five tips to creating emails that get opened

With all the email promotions and newsletters people get, getting them to open yours can be a challenge, even if they’re expecting it.

Here’s 5 tips to creating an email that’s more likely to get opened and read:

  1. Have your name or company in the “from” field. Even if they don’t know you, an email from a real person is more likely to get opened.
  2. Make your subject line clear and to the point.
  3. Avoid sending attachments or large images. It takes longer to download and may not display well on mobile devices. Instead, insert a link so the reader can download material if they choose.
  4. Keep it short. A few short paragraphs is often all it takes. Insert links to larger articles and more information.
  5. Use a third party email service. Sending large numbers of emails from your own computer could get you flagged as a spammer.

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