Five tips to using QR codes

QR (Quick Response) codes are those square images filled with what appear to be a random scattering of dots. When scanned with a mobile device, they can take you to a web site, download an app, add a contact, call a number, and more. QR codes are becoming an essential tool for marketing campaigns of all kinds. Here’s five tips to help you get the most out of using them in your own marketing:

  1. A number of web sites can create a QR code for you for free (I like
  2. Give people a reason to scan your code. Offer a promotion or coupon.
  3. Think about where people will be when they see your QR code. There’s no point in having one in a place where there is no cell or WIFI signal, or where people can’t scan it, like on a poster in a subway car or on a billboard facing a highway.
  4. If the QR code takes people to your web site, make sure it’s mobile friendly.
  5. Be aware of distance when people scan your code. The further they are, the larger the code will need to be. Typically a one inch QR code will be readable up to ten inches away.

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