Five ways to improve cold calling results

The thought of making a cold call can send chills through the hearts of even the most seasoned business owners. After all, calling a stranger is hard enough without the stress of trying to get them to buy something. Here are 5 ways to make cold calling less stressful and more productive.

  1. Have the mindset that they will never buy from you. Doing this will release you of the pressure of having to make the sale.
  2. Find out who the key decision maker is. Don’t waste your time making your pitch to junior employees, receptionists or people in the wrong department.
  3. Don’t start the conversation by asking them how they’re doing. They’re busy and don’t have time for small talk with strangers. Cut to the chase as to why you’re calling.
  4. Set the bar low. Don’t try to close the sale. Instead ask for a meeting. If that doesn’t work, ask if you can send them some information, then follow up later.
  5. Name drop if you can. Mention a colleague you both know or an association you both belong to. This will help build rapport and warm the call.

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