Five Ways To Improve The Open Rates Of Your Emails

Regardless of how much you use social media, studies have shown that email is still the most effective form of online marketing. The problem is that most emails don’t get read. Not because they land in spam folders, but because the receiver has no interest in reading them. If you’re looking to improve the open rates of your emails, try these five tips.

  1. Objective subject line. Avoid sales pitches, dollar figures, and witty lines that give readers little reason why they should open your email. Aim for a clear, concise subject line between 5-7 words.
  2. Short and sweet. Just because you have lots to share doesn’t mean you have to do it all in one email. Studies have shown that a reader will spend 1-2 seconds scanning an email before deciding whether to read it or trash it. If an email looks boring or arduous to read, expect it to get deleted.
  3. Clean design. A newsletter style with photos and images can make your email more interesting than just text. But it’s important to keep the things clean and easy to read. Too many images, hard to read text colours, or poor layout design will be a visual turnoff.
  4. Keep it relevant. Not everyone on your subscriber list may have the same interests. Create separate lists and make sure you create content that is relevant to each.
  5. Strategic links. If you have a lot to say, think about giving the reader a small taste of the subject matter in a couple sentences. Then include a link to the full article on your site, blog, or to a downloadable PDF.

Marc Gordon is a professional speaker and marketing consultant. Get more marketing tips on his website, and on his online show,