Five tips for giving corporate holiday gifts


With the holidays just around the corner, now’s the time to think about gift giving – to your customers. A holiday gift is your chance to show you appreciate their business and value the relationship you have with them. However deciding what to give can be a challenge. Here are five tips that will make your corporate gift giving plans easier.

  1. Group your customers. Not every customer may deserve the same kind of gift. Placing them into groups based on purchases, status or other criteria can make gift buying decisions less stressful and more efficient.
  2. Don’t forget key staff. Buying for the owner is great, but don’t forget the staff – especially those that have a lot of influence in the buying decisions.
  3. Forget retail. Look to a promotional products company for unique self-branded merchandise that reflects your style and appeals to your customers.
  4. Understand your customer’s industry. Some of your customers may be prohibited from accepting gifts – either of a certain value or at all. A charitable donation in their name can be a thoughtful alternative.
  5. Avoid giving edibles. With so many people having allergies and dietary restrictions, foods such as wine, nuts and candy may end up getting tossed or given away to others.

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