Event Planner Resources

Event Planner Resources

Resources for Marc’s Virtual Presentations

Thanks for your interest in having Marc contribute to the success of your event.
To make thing as easy as possible for you, all relevant event planner resources have been assembled on this page.

download kit


If you would like to have Marc speak at your next event or have any questions regarding his presentations, please contact him through the Contact page. A 50% deposit and signed agreement will secure your date. The balance of your investment would be due at least 10 business days prior to the presentation.


Marc’s virtual presentations are designed to be entertaining, engaging, and immersive. They comprise of interactive games, videos, and graphic elements. To get the best experience possible, attendees are encouraged to have their cameras on during the presentation. Although every presentation is natively designed for ZOOM, they can be broadcast through other popular meeting platforms. Marc strongly recommends a virtual “sound check” presentation a few days prior to the event.

Please let Marc know ahead of time if you wish for any specific slides or content to be added to the beginning or end of his presentation.


Depending on the topic and format of the presentation, attendees will be asked to download worksheets prior to the event. A download link will be provided to the event organizer.

Podium Introductions

Saying something nice about someone you hardly know can be a tough job. So Marc did it for you. It is an editable Word file, so you can easily add more nice things should you feel inclined.

download speaker intro

This is your virtual event and Marc wants it to be the best. If there’s something he can do to help make it extra special, please let him know and he will do his best to make it happen.


Use these photos to help promote your next event. Each photo is high res with no background, making them useful for both web and print. Looking for an extra marketing push for your upcoming event? Just ask Marc to create a promo video that can be shared or embedded into your event’s web site.

Marc has the innate ability to instill confidence while sharing creative, original and common sense principles to managing customer experiences and sales during both ordinary and extraordinary times. His energy and enthusiasm found its way through everyone’s screen and made for an extraordinary event.

Catherine Himelfarb Borden, Managing Partner, Forest Hill Realty Inc.